You invest in property. We invest in satisfied clients, in trust and in personal relations. Our practice shows this to be a profitable combination. An introduction to personal property management. Meet DHVM.

We are DHVM. Short for Den Hurk Real Estate Management. We have been managing commercial real estate such as offices, shops, warehouses and industrial buildings for almost 20 years.

You are looking for a property manager who will operate alongside you, with a professional yet personal attitude. Approachable and with the same goal; to manage your property perfectly. With the intended returns, but without the worries. Den Hurk Vastgoed Management, or DHVM for short, is that property expert. The largest independent one, moreover. With our expertise, every conceivable technical tool and more than 20 years of market experience, we can make you a satisfied property owner. We follow your lead, allowing you plenty of room for creativity, openness and your property wishes.

Our professional approach gives you some breathing space to look ahead. The standard services are in order, the dashboard provides up-to-date information. Leaving you time to develop a vision and anticipate your future.

Thanks to our scale, we can largely automate contract management and standardized services, which offers room for personal attention and a good conversation. You had already seen the projected return and the status of maintenance in your dashboard, so we can discuss the long-term effect of sustainability or the predictive value of the DHVM index in our quarterly meeting.

DHVM Index
2173 Number of tenants
1875000 m2 under management
1903045000 Total value under management
8.9 Customer satisfaction

Serving the whole of the Netherlands

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